Yoga’s Secrets

The other day I was struggling. I was in the midst of family disputes, money concerns, and spouse concerns. I was feeling anxious, overwhelmed and not quite sure how or what to do. I decided to “table” everything in the back of my mind, for I was going to the studio to teach an aerial class. Stretching, strengthening, and most importantly breathing my way through teaching the aerial class, I felt a huge shift happen. At one point during class I was feeling so GOOD, coming right out of an inversion, I shouted “God Bless America that feels so GOOD!”

Turns out, this is a huge secret on how yoga works to keep us healthy: A positive Mood. I left that class feeling there was NOTHING I couldn’t handle, and when I got home at least some of the above concerns were settled. Having a positive mindset can be a total game changer when life throws us curve balls of stress.

Previous research has led to findings that support links between a positive mental outlook and physical health benefits such asĀ lower blood pressure, less heart disease, and healthier blood sugar levels. A study from Harvard suggest there is a very strong link between our physical health and wellness and our Mood and mindset.

Yoga philosophy promises that “yoga brings on a feeling of Wellness”. Previous to yoga, I ran, cycled, and exercised, but what is unique about yoga? To some extent, you are moving your body, breathing in those other things. We hold mental, physical, and emotional tension in the body, and by yoga’s moves of strengthening and stretching along with breath, we are able to let go of the tension that is literally strangling our good health. In Savanna we realize that above concerns/stress can’t weigh us down. When we invert, we are able to change our perspective and realize how harmful the stress really is.

It’s not just me, ask any yogi why they practice. Another client from the class mentioned she almost didn’t come to practice she had such a bad headache, and after class her headache was gone. This is not unusual for me to hear. It’s one of the very best Secrets of yoga.

See you on the mat,