Imagine, your yoga practice is like taking a little tiny pill everyday, that helps keep your body healthy, flexible and strong. After taking this little “yoga pill” for months and months, you started to notice nagging things go away.

You realized your sleep patterns became deep and undisturbed, where as before the yoga, you routinely had trouble getting asleep and staying asleep on occasion.

Before yoga, you had developed plantar fasciitis, that you had decided nothing would help get rid of it, but with regular yoga, it too walked out the door, not to disturb you again.

You looked back at this past winter season, and you suddenly realize you didn’t get the flu, or even that nasty sinus infection that comes every 6 months, with doing the yoga. You also had forgotten to get your flu shot.

Upon further reflection, you feel inside that you’re less likely to “react”, or yell at the kids. You wonder to yourself, “did the yoga do that? did it make me kinder?”

But you started a new job 6 months ago, and told yourself, I’ll just take a little break from yoga, until I get established in my new position. After a month or so, other things, commitments, obligations, etc, began to crowd your schedule, and there just didn’t seem to be the time, so you let the yoga drop completely.

Now, without yoga, all those nagging things come roaring back, along with some unpleasant back pain. You wonder how to get back on track, how to find the time for yoga again.

We are our worst enemy, when it comes to staying the course. We each get to make choices regarding what we do, and when we do it. We can fit yoga in, especially when we discover it has been doing so much to keep us level headed, sleeping well, and pain free. I’m the first one to admit, yoga is not a quick fix. You have to come consistently for a period to see and feel these results and more. Yoga does not work just when you have time to do yoga; you have to find the time for yoga, that is, if being healthy is a priority.

Our health should be a top priority. I would stake all that I know on the healing power of yoga. Yoga. Do it. take the pill. Feel the difference. Repeat, again and again.