upside down right thinking

A client couldn’t have said it better after aerial class last night. “I feel terrific! all day long I couldn’t shake this funk in my body or my mind; aerial set me free.”

For me, I know full well the joys of inversions. They stimulate you, yet relax you at the same time. I too was feeling an “inversion high”, that you can’t quite get from any other practice. There is something in us, that frees when we truly surrender to the fabric, and TRUST it will hold us as we take our body in different planes. And if that wasn’t enough, we also got into some deep arm binds that I cannot do on my mat. The aerial supports some part of our body, so we can go much deeper into our poses.

Recently, I taught aerial to another teacher who was reluncant to try it again, after a not so great first aerial class she took somewhere else. I know full well how scary it can be, to surrender. We took it slow, introducing her to trust the hammock. And yes, she loved it, and will be back!

Isn’t it time for you to step out of a comfort zone and try something new? Something that really makes you feel alive, and your body sing? We have 2 free aerial classes for open house day. Come and be upside down. Trust. It will be awesome!

See you upside down,