The New Norm

I find it very funny that before a regular yoga practice was established in my body and mind, I thought I was good.  I thought it’s natural to have the flu, viruses, sinus issues, allergies, not to mention racing thoughts, not being able to concentrate on one thing at a time.  I thought this is what everyone experiences, and this is a natural way to live.  I also lived in envy, being envious of others who looked like they have their life “together”, and here was me, just floating along, not really having many goals, or not knowing I can direct my life, and get what I want, and really be who I want to be.  Can anyone else relate?

I thought I was subject to the laws of nature, and would die someday, probably not die peacefully like everyone wants, but be subjected to sickness, diseases, and or mobility issues.  I’m not drinking some “yoga kool aid” that makes everything sunshine and roses, but I know through this practice, that most of the above maladies can be overcome with regular practice, even if I couldn’t move.

And OMG, the benefits to the mind!!!  Things that used to really bother me, just don’t get me stirred up.  It’s not that I’ve become complacent, and just let everything roll off my shoulders, but I have so much more compassion than I ever did.  That person or family member that is annoyed or angry with me; I know how being in that spot feels, and that one can’t hold on to those strong emotions for very long, for they tear you up from the insides.  

That all changed with a regular practice of yoga.  I know what it is, and how it works, but back then, I thought it was all a bit of magic dust in the air of the studio.  It starts at the top of your mat; where one day you are feeling strong, capable, and then the next day, not.  What has happened between yesterday and today, and what thoughts am I having, that I need to let go of to be strong and capable?  In the beginning of yoga, my mind raced so much I couldn’t discern an individual thought, because it was like having 6 radio stations going off in my head, all at the same level, and same time.  But with regular practice I started to notice my thoughts, and was really able to let go of most of the thoughts that kick your own arse.  

I know full well how obstacles can come in our life, and disrupt our very way of being.  When my mind is at peace, I know that all around me will be peace.  It’s such a wonderful place to be.  

Yes, there will be ups and downs in life…..but we can choose to become steady in our body, mind and spirit, and do the work we are supposed to be doing here.

See you on the mat,