The Goal

Doing the yoga is a pretty straightforward simple act.  When you make the choice to come, you come and take the class, working on the physical act of moving your body, and coordinating your breath at the same time.  The whole time you are moving, breathing, the channels inside are you are opening up, circulation is increasing, dead cells are carried away, and new cells are being rebuilt, before you enter your car for the ride home.  These channels connect to every tissue, organ, and gland in your body.  Slowly overtime, the yoga starts to build and work in your body, with every practice, every day.  The effects are so subtle, one hardly notices them, until you stop for a time, maybe even months, and realize the yoga was working at a very deep cellular level, keeping illness at bay, keeping you in a good mood, more days than not. 

It is hard to stay focused to the goal of yoga.  You may climb up the ladder very quickly, achieving many difficult poses, only to slide back down again, losing your progress.  At this point, you might question if the yoga is working, especially when you hit a slow progress, even slipping backwards.  This is when you need to keep on practicing.  It’s very important at this time.  If you ask yogi’s, some will mention, they have practiced on and off again, for many years, but never steadily for a time.  They have never hit a difficult period in their practice. 

Like life, practicing yoga can be a struggle to fit in.  Those difficult times or when we face uphill battles are crucial periods in our practice where the yoga can really make huge strides.  Achieving postures here are not the goal but just showing up for you;  your physical body, mental body, and spiritual  body. 

This is not something I can tell you, you have to experience it for yourself.  You have to feel inside the storm, and when the sunshine comes out in your body, through the practice;  You have to feel this.  Yoga will make you flexible, but that is not the goal.  Yoga will increase your strength, and stress resilience, but that is not the goal.  Yoga will do many things, to keep you healthy, but the goal of yoga is to open your mind.  When you are working on those tight hips, or inflexible hamstrings, yoga  is opening energy channels in your mind that allow you to accept new ideas, new ways of thinking and doing things. 

This is a lofty goal.  Great thinkers and achievers sat back and allowed “What if?” and started to dream the impossible.  Imagine if the whole world practiced yoga.  I dare say new inventions, different ways of helping humanity would unfold for the greater good of society. 

So next time you are on your mat, breathing, moving, think about those energy channels.  Carrying away the bad and replacing it with good.  Yes, the yoga works, even in our worst practice on our ugliest day, when we simply show up and do the practice. 

See you on the mat,


Keep on keeping on…….Don’t stop until you know you are at the top!