Teacher and Friend

When I strolled into my first yoga class in 2004, I couldn’t see how my future would be. I would have laughed your head off, if you told me where I would be today.

All I knew was this: I was enjoying the way my body was feeling after pilates practice, and I was interested in keeping this practice up. My then pilates teacher, Eva mentioned she was in training to become a yoga teacher, and after completing her training, she started a yoga class, and I followed. This is my pilates/yoga teacher, Eva. A source of inspiration, a friend, and a mentor, one of the many blessings this path has brought me.

One thing a teacher can do, is shine a light on your life; where you need to go. I couldn’t really see myself teaching yoga, and shared my fears with Eva. She reassured me, and I listened. As I (not so bravely) entered the teaching world, she continued to mentor and guide me, and when she moved to Florida, I meekly stepped into her shoes at the gym. It takes some time to feel confident about teaching yoga, but the best experience for preparation is Doing yoga.

I think I would still be teaching out of my home, if another friend hadn’t pushed me in the direction of opening a yoga center. Looking back at my life, I really have been guided by others. Maybe others can see your life a little better, than you?

After moving back to Cincinnati area, Eva has retired from teaching, although from time to time, I beg her to teach a class. She is content to practice, and to this day, I continue to learn and be guided by her.

with deepest love and respect,