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Take me to the edge

Part of our necessary growth, mentally, spiritually, physically is going to our edge.  It’s going to that place that is slightly uncomfortable, to push past our current boundaries.  It’s getting to know yourself better; increasing your self confidence.  These new experiences teach us how to live more fully, and we become aware of what we are holding onto.  You can’t work on something you aren’t aware of holding onto.  Each of these yoga practices we have at Anahata work on different aspects and bring a host of benefits that will leave your heart full and your body “humming”. 

Yoga Practice

Each practice I do brings the gifts of being present, of breathing, opening my body up, and surrendering my fears, worries and concerns in meditation.  We truly cannot understand ourselves without committing to our yoga practice.  More than movement, it connects my soul, mind, and body together.  I delight in the places of strength and work on the places that feel weak.  It’s my time to tune my instrument, my body, so that I can live and be of service to others without old age related problems.  It’s my calm in a sea of uncertainty.  

Hot Infrared Yoga Practice

My hot practice takes me right to the edge of my endurance.  Athletes of all types will love this practice for that very reason.  Last night the room was 117 degrees F. and within the first 10 minutes, sweat was dripping off my wrists, nose, and other areas that usually don’t sweat.  You might think….”I don’t like to sweat, or it’s gross, or not good for the body”.  On the contrary, circulation is greatly increased throughout our organs, muscles and tissues.  Sweating can prevent kidney stones from forming, clears up acne, has positive benefits on heart health, releases anxiety, and removes heavy metals and BPA plastic from our body.  Studies suggest that more fit individuals sweat sooner, and more profusely than non fit individuals.  An added bonus to the hot room, is the greater amount of flexibility that is gained in a short amount of time.  Sweating is good for us year around, and will probably prevent that nasty cold or flu that everyone else gets.  Sweating has been used therapeutically for centuries for that very reason.  https://wanderlust.com/journal/why-does-sweating-feel-so-good/

Aerial Yoga Practice

When life is heavy, and I’ve lost my joy, I go straight to my hammock.  That feeling of being upside down changes my mental state quicker than a comedy club.  It stimulates me, but also relaxes me.  It reminds me of the places in my body that hold tension, and I mean really deep tension, so I can let them go, such as in the hip flexors.  Those hip flexors  can pull on the back muscles, and are probably responsible for a great many people having chronic back pain.  Also, gravity is NOT our friend.  Gravity compresses the spine, and pulls down the organs to push on the bladder causing another problem, incontinence.  Going upside down has taken that problem away for me, as well as getting motion sickness quite frequently.  Aerial greatly increases balance, focus, leg and core strength, joint health, and literally makes you taller.  (I’ve grown 2 inches in the years I’ve did hammock). Because you get “air time” the disc’s in spine stay healthy and hydrated.  I will always keep up my aerial practice because of the core strength that is maintained when I do it.  I feel so energized, yet super relaxed at the same time.  

Are you truly living your best life? Come and join me on the edge of sweet discomfort. It is sooooo worth it!!

see you on the mat,