Success Stories

Paula Bortolotto

I started yoga because my then pilates teacher got certified, and so I followed her to start the practice of yoga.  At that time, I was running, and cycling quite a bit, and developed some hip pain.  Yoga was the only thing that seemed to take it away.   Still unsure of the benefits, I started training for a marathon, and had to stop due to pain, and the path of yoga teacher training opened up.   Here is where some deep healing occurred, because what you intend, you make happen.  With a regular practice of yoga I noticed those pesky yearly sinus infections went away.  I also noticed that when others were sick, I didn’t seem to catch anything from them.  To date, in 20 years, I have not had a cold, flu, stomach bug of any type, and I credit my yoga practice for making that so.  I also had an inpatient nature, that was quick to curse a driver for pulling out in front of me, and through my practice, yoga has allowed me to let go of my anger.  I was an emotional wreak before yoga, don’t get me started on the hallmark commercials!  Yoga has allowed me to become much more balanced and even in my living, and emotions.  To say I feel better with it in my life, is a huge disservice to yoga practice.  I have cured my knee pain, back pain, and heart pain through this lovely practice of yoga.  It has kept my mind sane, and my body healthy.

Maureen Shultz

I have been apart of the Anahata studio family for five years.  The Anahata yoga teachers have helped me on my journey of self discovery.  Everything you bring to your mat;  worries, hardships and pain along with your gratitude, and heartfelt thankfulness.  This year has been difficult on many levels for everyone.  To navigate this tumultuous year, Anahata yoga teachers have given their students the tools to reach within.  On the mat, we brought our sorrows, our pain, our anxiety and worked through them through breath and movement.  The breath brought us peace and the movement brought us strength.  At the studio or online, the Anahata community was important connection to bring peace to so many of us.  On a personal note, this year brought my family and I an unexpected health hurdle.  Last October, I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.  Shock and disbelief enveloped me.  Immediately I had surgery and then six weeks after that I started a six month course of chemotherapy.  It was shock and awe, no time to think, just do.  Through all of this, the Anahata yoga classes have been my peace.  The online classes have enabled me to continue my yoga practice.  Anahata has helped me in my healing process.  Yoga has been my constant through it all.  Helping me to remember to breathe and to face my greatest fear.  From crying tears of joy, I realize I’m strong because I just help a beautiful humble warrior for five breaths or to celebrate when I could hold a balance pose.  Yoga helped me to work through the emotions that arose with each class, each breath.  This practice has made me realize I’m strong, I am loved. and I am at peace when I breathe.  I want to thank all the amazing teachers at Anahata Yoga studio for bringing peace, love and healing into my life.  

Laura Mallot

My Yoga teacher Training Journey

I came into training, just looking to enhance and deepen my practice.  What I’m leaving with is astonishingly different.  I like the analogy:  drinking from a fire hydrant during a drought.  There’s so much information, but you can’t help to want more, because it’s just that good….you need it.  Day one, going through the overall schedule and process, I couldn’t help but think, “there’s no way I’m going to learn Sanskrit, much less be able to teach a class with it.”  Seeing the sequence I had to be able to talk through getting someone into…..Utthita WHAT??  I cannot even teach my kids to tie their shoes without YouTube.  

After being a human sponge, taking all this phenomenal information, learning the philosophy, shedding some tears, sharing even more laughs and cueing bandhas , (yeah, I not only know the purpose of, but now I know how to personally use and cue a student on how to increase their prune/energy by contraction)., I am sad that it has to end.  As a student I loved Anahata, as a teacher, I am blown away by the community that has fully embraced me and my fellow yogi’s;  we taught bits and pieces of a difficult class, and the students willingly, graciously went along for the ride.  At the end of those classes, they paid us compliments.  Come for the learning and keeping of your practice, or to become a teacher, and surely, leave with friends for live, a yoga family, and life changing growth and memories to take with you.