Success Stories

Paula Bortolotto

I started yoga because my then pilates teacher got certified, and so I followed her to start the practice of yoga.  At that time, I was running, and cycling quite a bit, and developed some hip pain.  Yoga was the only thing that seemed to take it away.   Still unsure of the benefits, I started training for a marathon, and had to stop due to pain, and the path of yoga teacher training opened up.   Here is where some deep healing occurred, because what you intend, you make happen.  With a regular practice of yoga I noticed those pesky yearly sinus infections went away.  I also noticed that when others were sick, I didn’t seem to catch anything from them.  To date, in 20 years, I have not had a cold, flu, stomach bug of any type, and I credit my yoga practice for making that so.  I also had an inpatient nature, that was quick to curse a driver for pulling out in front of me, and through my practice, yoga has allowed me to let go of my anger.  I was an emotional wreak before yoga, don’t get me started on the hallmark commercials!  Yoga has allowed me to become much more balanced and even in my living, and emotions.  To say I feel better with it in my life, is a huge disservice to yoga practice.  I have cured my knee pain, back pain, and heart pain through this lovely practice of yoga.  It has kept my mind sane, and my body healthy.