Vibrational Energy

Most people think yoga is yoga, ie: the yoga is the same as it is anywhere, however that is not entirely true. Ask any yogi who has done both, and see what their response is. Most if not all shout “a yoga studio” is the best place to learn yoga. Over the years I have taught in both, and this is my findings……

But most of all the biggest difference was how it felt at the studio vs. the gym for yoga. When I stepped into that studio, my body was started “singing”. The vibration set by teachers was HUGE. You can feel that, even if you don’t know what it is or can name it. Here is a quote from an article on Heathline explaining Vibrational Energy,

“Proponents believe it’s possible to speed up or slow down the vibrations that occur at the cellular and atomic levels by changing our thoughts, behaviors — and even our surroundings. 

Changing those nanovibrations, it’s thought, could ripple outward, affecting our mental state and physical health.”

And that my friend, is the best reason to give a studio a try.

See you on the mat,