Regret? Never.

Becoming a yoga teacher has changed my life in mysterious ways, that I still can’t comprehend today. Not only has it changed my life for the better, but my family as well, and I would hope my circle of friends. One of the many things it has changed is my ability to move from the side lines to playing on the field.

Before being a yoga teacher, I would like to myself, “that would be awesome to do that, but I’ll wait until my kids are older, or I have more money, or I’ll have more time, or I’m good at yoga, or I’m 20 pounds lighter.” Taking the plunge when we are not perfect, is actually the right time because our minds are ripe for learning more information, so we will try that much harder on this new endeavor.

Going from the sides lines of life, to actually playing is a big deal for most of us, and a strategy for yoga success I tell people is this….

Show up for yourself; sign up for class, or that training.

Do the work.

Yes, you will doubt yourself, and yes you will feel uncertain, but those feelings go away each and every time you go from the side lines of life to playing life.

Who knows how much time we have left, because on my death bed, I’m not going to regret the things I went for, I’ll regret the time spent on the side lines.

I said at last night’s class. “I haven’t regretted one minute of time spent on my yoga mat, because each and every time, I get exactly what I needed.”

It’s time to step into the light, and be the STAR of your life.

See you on the mat,