One of the Best parts of Anahata Yoga Center

I love Anahata. It has truly been such a blessing to my life, and I hope many others. The other day I stood in front of my Monday night class, starting to sweat in the hot room, and couldn’t get started…..Why? you ask??? My lovely students were catching up with each others lives. The best part of Anahata is the community feeling….I thought about this when I was going home….

Quite possibly the worst class I recently attended was in Cincy. I walked in, feeling a little intimidated, and unrolled my mat. Much to my chagrin, the teacher just started teaching, without introducing himself, and I noticed other people around me were nervously waiting for practice without talking or saying Hi. This feeling is in a lot of gyms and different places I have visited. You feel like a nobody, a wall flower.

Most people belong to different community’s. You might below to a work community, where you work, or a church community, or even a gym or fitness center. I created Anahata to be a community of like minded people who can lift and support each other through the practice of yoga. One major thing that is different about Anahata is the non-competitiveness of this place. We have people who have been practicing yoga for 20 years, next to people who have been practicing for 6 months. At the end of practice, the 6 month yogi turns to the 20 year practitioner, and says, wow, I really enjoyed listening to your breath; you helped me remember to breath as well! You have an awesome practice.

An other client finds out about her yoga friend, who she has been practicing next to for the last year has cancer, and sets up food to be delivered.

One day I turned to watch a long time client of mine, go and help a new person she was next to….Everyday, I see my long time students go out of their way, and welcome someone new, often before I can even start a conservation! This evens the playing field, and helps you tremendously in your yoga journey.

Studies show people are just plan happier when involved in a community. We celebrate your victories, and cry together when things head south. We are your tribe, your ears, and the power of your voice to say, You Got This!

Come and Join our Yoga community!