One crucial missing piece from Yoga

You might think “yoga” is all movement, but the yoga sutras, which are threads of knowledge written down a long time ago only refer to the asanas 3 times out of 196 sutras. That means that our understanding of yoga (down dog, triangle, etc,.) can be very limited. But let’s say we are coming to yoga for some very serious problems; any type of pain anywhere in the body, hyper tension, stress, cancer, diabetes or other serious issues. You would want the yoga to work as effectively as it could, right? and Yes, I do know of people who have used yoga to cure themselves of cancer. More importantly, you would pick a place to practice yoga where all of yoga was practiced, not just movement but breath work, understanding of the sutras, meditation and all of what yoga is.

I started my yoga practice at the gym. When I decided to become a yoga teacher, I picked a studio and started practicing there. Right away I noticed a huge difference. The studio taught to multi layered class that catered to everyone, whether you will new or advanced. The gym taught everybody the same thing. the gyms teachers often have their hands tied due to policy on what they can teach.

“Often good teachers are limited in their teaching due to policy. Many gyms in the US do not allow yoga teachers to teach inversions, backward bending poses and arm balances due to liability issues. However, at a yoga studio, there is no such limitations and practice can be truly wholesome.” Written by Seattle Yoga News, see whole article HERE.

My journey to healing started at the yoga studio. It felt very real, very different than the gym, and it felt so right. Everyone has to start somewhere, and gym yoga is much better than no yoga. If you want the full yoga come to a studio. It will blow your mind.