New to Yoga?

For New Clients (Intro offer)


We welcome anyone to the practice of yoga.  If you are looking to discover why the combination of physical and mental exercises have hooked yoga practitioners around the globe for thousands of years, we can’t wait to meet and get started.  The beauty of yoga is you don’t have to fit into a mold to practice, whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm a scattered mind, and find your strength and power.   Don’t be intimidated by yoga terminology, or complicated poses.  Yoga is for EVERYONE!!

Here are some tips for your first class:

  • Arrive 15 min. early
  • Wear something comfortable and form fitting, (it’s a downer when your tee-shirt falls over your head in your first downward dog). and bring water, towel and a mat if you have one.  (we have mats to rent for 1$
  • When you arrive:  take off shoes, and leave them with  other belongings in one of two cubby areas.
  • Introduce yourself to the teacher, and go over any concerns you might have.

Wish I had known about Yoga :

  • You don’t need to have a certain level of fitness or flexibility to try yoga.
  • If you can’t do a pose, don’t stress, everyone has certain limits and restrictions in their body.  Ask any yoga teacher,  most of them were really tight before starting yoga as well.
  • If your breathing is not deep and regular, just sit down on your shins, and rest your head on the ground in front of you.  This is Childs pose, and can/should be done anytime during the practice.  
  • More important than fancy cloths, you need a decent mat.  If you are not a 5’4″ thin person, you would be more comfortable in a wider/taller mat.  Most decent mats will  cost $50-100, but can last you  years with proper storage and use.  

Almost every class follows this routine:    

  1. Beginning, centering  (sitting quietly;  some classes begin with an “OM”,  you are free to listen or join.
  2. Sun saluations  
  3. Standing Poses
  4. Sitted Poses
  5. Corpse Pose (which is just laying down, relaxing and breathing.  

We understand and are here to help!!

  • whether you would like to schedule a tour of the studio, or figure out which class is suitable for your current needs, please contact us for help, tours!  We make the start of yoga EASY!

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