for love of you and yoga

Most people reading this say, “a sign, ok, not a big deal”, but I beg to differ.  Ask any small business owner nowadays, and it is tight.  When Covid hit is 2020, even though I was live streaming, and learning new technology, I had some free time to make a channel letter sign.  I got quotes from other businesses, and it was looking like the sign I wanted to have would cost above $10 grand.  That number was not in my budget.  My intention for Anahata is to keep my costs down, so that more people can practice yoga.  So I decided to make it myself.  There was no instructions on youtube that were helpful, and one sign company sold me the material, and basically, said, “Good luck!!”.  Nevertheless that didn’t stop me from trying.

Each letter first had to be cut out of wood, painted, and then this curvy tin was molded around each curve of the letter.  The channel letter signs you see from other businesses were made in a factory, with a computer doing the crimping and molding that is making the letters.  I made do with what I had;  which was some metal tools, and my own 2 hands.  Each letter probably had to be molded 3 times, because the final letter didn’t make the cut.  Sometimes, you would get far into the molding, and realize that the acrylic part of the channel letter would not fit on the metal.  So the actual sign took me years, and that is another reason they are expensive, they are labor intensive.  Over this summer, Tom, and Jake, and myself, hoisted it up on a French clever on the building, which again, was no small feat.  (by now it was quite heavy).  Another month went by, and Jake came and hooked it up to electric , where now it stands, quite proudly, announcing that you are entering Anahata!!

Your yoga practice is just like making a sign.  Sometimes, you are going to get frustrated, and want to quit.  Often, you are going to have to throw everything you know out of the door, and start over from scratch.  But, one day, you are going to get there.  Your body will be full of light, so you can help others find their light.  It is like crawling up the mountain, failing, getting back up, and starting over.  When you believe you can reach the summit, you won’t want to quit when the going gets tough.  You humbly get back on your mat, and change your practice, which will change YOU.  

Regular Yoga Practice is not for the faint of heart.  It takes dule diligence, persistence, and a humble heart letting your ego go.  But, every minute of every practice is worth it.  Even if you slide down the mountain. (more of the ego letting go). Sometimes poses are super easy, other day’s your body is tight, and feels like tin man!  But don’t give up.  Don’t lose hope.  Find someone who knows how yoga really works, and can help guide you through the slippery times.

It is SO worth it.

See you on the mat,