Look Within to find the answers

Does anything ever annoy you? Wow, this could was a loaded question to me years ago, because EVERYTHING annoyed me….let me tell you……

Things that annoyed me:

What I’m saying is this. I spent a lot of time before a regular yoga practiced thinking about how annoying different people are….slowly, as I practiced yoga,, these thoughts, along with others began to slowly disappear. It didn’t happen over night, but with a regular yoga practice, my thoughts tend to be much more positive and hardly ever annoying. This is due to the simple fact on how yoga works in your body. With your breath and movement these “annoying things” were removed, that previously had been stored somewhere in my body.

Your nervous system works like that. You take in information that might be beneficial, and store it in nervous system. The very physical practice of yoga is to heal the nervous system, meaning we are in a hyper state, or a sleepy state. Left untreated and unbalanced the nervous system can bring about a host of problems that you will have to treat, ie: high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, kidney/organ problems . That is why it is upmost importance to practice yoga. The cooling sensation of a forward fold stimulates the rest and digest state or parasympathetic nervous system, and raising your hands overhead, leaning back, or backbends stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. We need both to be in a balanced state.

Being annoyed is just another state of anger or frustration. We think we have to control our surroundings, when really we can control the way we think. People have told me, well that is just the way I am, that’s how I think. Well just imagine a world where everyone had a more positive outlook on life…….

Because when you are positive, your body is most likely healthy.

See you on the mat,