I’m going to topple over!

Help! I’m going to topple over!

Ever feel like you’re a ball of energy trapped into many boxes?  From our past experiences, actions, and the people we live with, we lay upon the body layers of tension, and Dis-EASE.  Through our yoga practice, we begin to take off these layers, one by one. This is how yoga works to keep us free from DIS-ease.     This happens when we surrender, find optimal alignment, and use our breath to release these coverings.  These coverings affect our posture, our health, and most of all, our wellbeing.  

What are some things that can affect your posture, or the way you carry yourself?

So, it’s time…..it’s time to take off that huge snow suit that you can’t walk in.  It’s time to gently peel away the layers of fear, doubt, and worry.  This is no easy task, but yoga works when done every day, with effort and ease, consistency, and JOY! 

Don’t believe me?  Try the March Yoga Challenge…..31 days for 31$.  Go ahead, come every day, and tell me you don’t feel better after 31 days of consistent practice.

I know you will!

See you on the mat,