Effects of chanting

I have found that chanting certain sayings to be akin to taking a powerful medicine.  One such powerful mantra I have been chanting lately is 

“Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”

I will be playing this mantra on Saturday.  “Om Namo” means I offer my deepest heartfelt blessings and reverence.  Bhagavate Vasudeva is a name for God, known by Bhagavan or Vasudeva he has the qualities of health, intelligence, wealth, good looks; aka he’s got it all.

But instead of being attached to these qualities and tries to possess them, he has let them go. In letting them go, they come back to him 20th fold.   

On a deeper level chanting this mantra can destroy our suffering.  Why do we suffer?  Because we are attached to the above qualities, and when they go, we suffer.  Let’s say you have a big pile of money in stocks and bonds.  Everyday you look at it, carefully, buy and sell stocks to make your wealth greater.  You take great pride in building your wealth; until one day the market falls, and loose everything.  

Yet for some people we fear losing our good looks. We spend tons of money buying different creams or lotions, having surgery, to keep our good looks, until one day, we cannot change the fact we are old, and our body shows its age.  

In Napoleon Dynamite, the movie, the uncle was a famous quarterback in high school.  He had it all, good looks, admiring girls, and the talent in his body to win games.  Now he is older, and he is stuck living in his past, reliving his glory days.  

Perhaps we are holding on to our yoga practice.  Why did it work yesterday, and now today I feel crummy?  I see people dive into yoga deeply, and it works, until maybe one day it stops working.  Then people leave the practice.  Too bad, salvation was right around the corner.  

I know what you are going to ask me now……If money will bring me suffering, shouldn’t I just

Go meditate somewhere give all of my money away, until I am realized?  No that is not the answer.  Most of us need to work, that is our dharma, our path.  We still need to be the best we can be…..that includes making money, or playing football.  The problem becomes when we are possessive about those qualities, and desperately try to hold them to us.  

If we can allow the things/events/people to come in our life, AND let them go, releasing our hold; Those things/people become our liberator and free us from the chains of suffering. 

Physically when I chant this, I feel energy and healing in my gallbladder.  A great number of people say this mantra keeps the good ju-ju with you; and dissolves the bad stuff.  Either way, come and experience the awesomeness this sound vibration produces in your body and spirit.  There is a reason these mantras have been chanted for millennia; they work!