Be Open

Our experiences, thoughts, ideas tend to narrow as we get older…..Let me explain…..

Our thoughts:

Someone asked me soon after becoming a yoga teacher why I practiced yoga.  Without thinking much, I answered to be free of death.  I have always been scared of my loved one’s dying.  Recently, I’ve changed my answer.  I practice yoga because I want to LIVE.  I want to ride that roll a coaster, and not worry about breaking something….I want to run, and not worry about what might happen afterwards.  In short, I want to LIVE.  I want to Love my family while they are still here.  I want nothing left on the table when my time comes.

We are here on this earth to LIVE, to LOVE, and to GIVE back all that we an.  I practice yoga so I can give back all that was given to me.

See you on the mat,