Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Quote by Swami Satchidananda:  “If you want to offer something to others you must get it yourself first”.

2022/23   9 month training will be offered in Person 

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Monday, July 18th.   at 6 pm

                                                                               Saturday, August 27th. at 10:30 am

                                                                                Tuesday, September 6 at 6:30 pm

Whether your goal is to teach yoga or to simply uncover new depths in your practice, Anahata’s  200-Hour Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training is both a first-rate professional training program and powerful personal development course. Welcome to the first step in discovering the deep sense of purpose that unfolds from leading others as you gain full awareness in your life. Immerse yourself with a group of people who have similar goals that help you uplift, strengthen and inspire each other.  Learn multiple styles of hatha yoga, and vinyasa yoga, as well as a focus on yoga basic postures for beginner students.  Learn how to teach a wide variety of age groups.  Introduction into yin yoga and restorative yoga.  We go beyond the basics, and discover how the philosophy of yoga written so long ago, still applies to our life today.  In depth anatomy lessons help you to overcome problems in your body, and gain understanding of what is going on with others.  You will finish feeling like a rock star;  confident, connected and changed for the better.

Trainees will also receive unlimited yoga for the duration of their training.  Program will begin in October  2022

Asana Practice

Sun Salutes and various Vinyasa Flow series, Beginner yoga, the use of props, and yoga applications for health conditions.  A student’s self-practice under teacher’s tips and guidance, and practical exam of asanas postures.  This path full unleashes the power of yoga from teacher to student, and ignites and betters your yoga understanding.


Theory and practice, bandhas, pranayama to include various types, mudras, different meditation techniques, mantras and chanting.

Teaching Methodology

Subtle art of teaching, intentions and observations, sequencing, class management and class routine, physical adjusting correction techniques, the business of yoga, communication and building conscious interactions.

Anatomy and Physiology

General movement and body terminology, systems of the human body including nervous, skeletal, muscular systems and their relations to yoga asanas, energy channels and chakras theories.

Yoga Philosophy

History, definitions,  contemporary meaning, different paths of yoga, Patanjali yoga sutras and other yogic texts, lifestyle, ethics, principles of diet and meaning.


Practice teaching classes in various groups, practical exam, feedback given. Upon satisfactory completion of above, students will be qualified as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the RYT 200 hr. level by Yoga Alliance, an organization that maintains the highest education standards of yoga teachers.

200 hr. Teacher Training Begins October 7th , 2022 and continues  monthly, and will end May 2023, .   Hours are one weekend a month:

Friday  6-10pm

Saturday 8-3pm

Sunday 8-3pm

Please call  (513-204-5657) to reserve your spot or if you have any questions.    Dates are as follows:

Friday 6-10 pm. (studio)
Saturday 8-3 pm (studio)Sunday 8-3 pm. (studio)
Oct. 7Oct. 8Oct. 9
Nov. 4Nov. 5Nov. 6
Dec. 2Dec. 3

Dec. 4

Jan. 6Jan. 7Jan. 8
Feb. 3Feb. 4Feb. 5
Mar. 3Mar. 4Mar. 5
Mar. 17Mar. 18Mar. 19
Mar. 31April 1April 2
May 5May 6May 7

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Payment plans are available, make 10 payments of $200.00.  First payment is made when signing up.  Next 9 payments will process on Tuesday before the Monthly date of training.  

Please call (513)  204-5657 for any questions or concerns.