Keeping you on your mat this summer

One key component of how yoga works to heal you, is showing up to practice and dedicating your practice to someone else.  Think of someone who really needs the balance, peace, healing energy that yoga brings to you.  On those days where your energy is low, you show up for them. 

It’s really a beneficial relationship.  When you show up for someone else, and practice yoga, you feel better.  They feel better because in a sense, you are praying for them, as you practice.  

The hardest thing about yoga is coming;  showing up.  Once you get here, feel the energy of the studio, teacher, and community, you just can’t but help feeling better in body, mind, and spirit.  

Of the yoga philosophy this is very clear.  Yoga works when you come consistently, and practice, without taking time off during the year.  I can practice yoga outside at a picnic table, in an airport, in bed at night, and just about anywhere….Probably the most unusual place I’ve practiced is right in the middle of Disney World.  One place I love to practice yoga in the summer is outside at a picnic table. Intrigued? Join me for a hike and picnic table yoga this summer at Ceaser Creek, Saturday, July 27th at 10 am, weather permitting.

Setting goals of time is also a good way to keep your practice strong during times where you are super busy.  Setting a goal of 5 to 15 minutes, something easy you can keep regularly is what is beneficial.  If all you can do is 5 minutes that day, you did it and can walk away feeling balanced.  Often when you start practicing yoga, it feels so much better, you stay longer than your 5 minutes.  

Take time now, check in.  

  • How do you feel?  
  • How does your body feel?
  • How is your breathing?
  • How is your mind?
  • Can you relax and let it go?
  • Can you focus on your breathing for 5 minutes?

Doing this day in and day out, your body feels secure because you are taking the time to stop and listen, breath deep, and let things go.  In fact, when you miss a day, you feel so badly that you learn to carve the time.  It’s so important!  Your day flows better, and your less reactive.  

It’s important to know how to do this:  I really didn’t start a regular practice everyday till after my yoga teacher training.  After practicing yoga everyday, I just felt so much better, there was really no choice but to practice, and keep it up. Join me this summer, and feel your best!!

See you on the mat,