What is Love?

A Mother and Father bring life into this world, and it’s a magical, amazing gift. From the very first breath we breathe, a mother and father protect us from harm, feed us, and generally speaking do the best job they can do; all imprinted from their childhood.

Depending on a great many factors, birth order, genes, etc; some siblings experience their childhood with a great deal of anger, wishing their mother or father could have done things differently. I think most of us experience this to some degree. Even after their parent’s death, we carry this baggage around with us. Despite our best efforts most of us repeat this imprinting on our children. This cycle of anger repeats, and repeats. Unless we are aware, and have conservations as an adult, only then can most of us forgive and forget. We imprinted or take on, how the mother and father’s relationship is, their income, thoughts and beliefs, and many, many other things. Some of these things are very good, they actually keep us alive. Some of the thoughts and beliefs are not the best, or the highest truth, but they still get passed down unknowingly.

After doing yoga for a time, you might recall a past unjust situation. Something that really bothers you, that you have stored inside your body, because at that time, you did not have the tools to deal with the situation. The yoga is starting to heal deep within. That is how yoga works with your posture, and will help you release that thought pattern so it no longer bothers you.

As you practice, day in and day out, sometimes postures that we were once very good at, escape our ability on this day. That is a clue, that there is something there, that can be released. Our ability and capacity not only to love ourselves, (and forgive ourselves when we make mistakes) but to love and forgive others is a trait that yoga brings out.

Our posture gets better and better with the practice, and so does our good thoughts and feelings towards one another and ourselves. This is something that can truly change our family, community, our country. our world.

Imagine, all when you decide to practice yoga. It’s a magical thing!

See you on the mat,