Your super hero is closer than you think.

Did you know that right now, other people in your life are waiting for you to shine your light brighter?  We are all on a “spiritual ladder”, with people higher than us, and people lower than us.  We are all interdependent on each other’s help.  Some are waiting for us to show up, so we make that connection, share our stories, and evolve higher.  

For instance, I have taught a lot of people a lot of yoga throughout the years.  Occasionally I will hear back from my students.  One such student always joked around and called herself a “human ironing board”, she was so stiff.  We practiced yoga together for probably 3-4 years, and she even followed me to my house when we started practicing there.  Tearfully, we said a good bye, when they decided to move down to Florida.  We still kept in contact, through email, and she said I really miss my classes, so I urged her to go and find herself some other yoga classes.   Months went by, and life passes quickly enough.  Some time ago I heard back from her.  She did indeed find another studio, and took their teacher training, and now she is teaching yoga!  Little did I know that I had influenced her to take this journey. 

You see, we really don’t know how our lives touch others.  (btw….love the movie, 
“It’s a wonderful life”, because it reminds us of this fact!). Getting back to my first paragraph, what really holds us back in moving forward is fear.  In our mind, we set limitations, unfounded boundaries, and false information to “us”, until we start to believe those things we are not.   Our yoga practice starts to erase that “false information”.  

Our life is full of potential, and sometimes, we just need to take the plunge.  Walk into that yoga studio.  Make that speech in front of others.  Go back to school.  Make that shift.  Do what scares you, or for some of us, gives us a chill down our back.  Other people are just waiting for you to “show up, and be your own hero” to help them!

See you on your mat,