The ultimate Gift

Setting time in my life for……ME!

I wish I could set down with my younger self for a conservation. It would go something like this…..

Wise self:  “You know, Paula, you seem a little short tempered, how about doing something good for yourself?”

Younger self:  “When I leave the husband and kids, I feel so guilty about the time being gone.”

Wise Self:  Having a healthy body, mind and spirit is a gift to others, because you have more love to spread around”.

Younger self:  “Really?, it seems like that wouldn’t be the case.  Maybe I will sign up for that yoga session, and really stick to it.  That made me feel the best I have felt in a long time.”

Wise Self:  “Taking care of yourself, is really the ultimate love you can share among family.  Taking the time for self-care says I love you enough to want to be healthy for you and me.  Taking time for yourself will also make you really present the times you are with your loved ones, instead of wishing you were somewhere else.”

I started my yoga career when my youngest was in kindergarten.  And yes, it is so true; the more I did yoga the more energy I had for everyone, and everything on my plate.   That has helped my practice stay consistent. Doing the yoga for them, helped me on the days where it was hard to start practice by myself.  

You just need to start doing yoga until it becomes something very regular; like brushing your teeth.  You wouldn’t dream of going out with a dirty mouth, just like your day is not complete without some yoga in it.  You notice the days you do yoga, there is more of an ease, a flow, and a sense of gratitude for your practice.  You wouldn’t know how this would feel when you only do yoga once or twice a week.  

Our body is our temple.  It is up to us to love it, and take care of it.  It’s the only one we have, so it’s vital to keep it strong, flexible, and healthy.  Yoga will do that.  

Give yourself the ultimate gift of health this year.   The Gift of yoga everyday.  You will not regret or look back the time spend on your mat.  

See you on the mat,