Me Time

There is something so incredible, so amazing to body, mind and spirit……a Retreat.  Usually, every year I take a week retreat with my teacher, Doug Keller, and get caught up on the latest therapeutic applications that can be applied in my classes.  For the past 2 years, it has been canceled, and I’m sorely missing my retreat time.  

One of the very best things about the retreat is the time spent talking and sharing ideas with other teachers around the world;  there is “specialiness” in sharing what you love, yoga, with others who share your love.  What is also amazing, is the free time you get every afternoon.  I spend this time journaling, reading, praying, walking or just napping J.  It really makes me realize how crazy my life is at home, and this gives my spirit time to breath, time to think, time to analyze.  

Retreat time is NOT the same as vacation time.  On vacation time, I spend time being with others, with no agenda, but enjoying each other’s company without the stress and deadlines of work involved, let along meal preparation, housekeeping, shopping etc. .  Retreat time is solely ME time.  I immerse myself in what I care deeply for;  helping others with yoga;  I enjoy and linger over meals, and really enjoy the conservations I have with other retreat participants.    I come back so refreshed, and raring to go and teach what I have just learned.   

Similarly, my yoga teacher trainee participants have felt the same way about my program.  Most say they don’t want their training to end.  They enjoy the philosophy talks, learning about the body, discussions with each other, learning from each other,  and the laughter;   there is always much laughter!  Most of these clients are working mom’s and dads, carving out precious time to learn of yoga, and learn about themselves.  It makes me realize how very precious retreat time is.  

That is why, this IS THE YEAR!!!  For at least 4 years, I’ve dreamed of hosting a yoga retreat.  Of creating all the things I love about a retreat, and sharing them with others.  This year, it finally felt GREAT to let my imagination  run with ideas, and then narrowing them down to a sizeable list.  Please check out my Hilton Head Yoga retreat, “Explore, Restore and Break through” yoga retreat.  Come solely for the laughter and community!!  Of course, the yoga will be rainbow colored as well!  Treat yourself to healthy meals, long walks on the beach, 2’x a day yoga, journaling, and or napping!!  Do it for the love of you, to reset your bodies natural rhythm, heal from our past, and dream about the future, for now is the time to dream big, have faith that all will be well, and push past physical and emotional barriers that Covid left behind.  

What do you say,

“Are you in? or not?”

See you on the mat,  soon from

Hilton Head,


(not just saying this, but I have a good feeling this retreat will sell out…..if you want more information, don’t hesitiate, sign up for a free meeting, or the retreat itself.   Don’t hesitate, come and Celebrate!”