2021, your best year yet!

The other day I dropped into a hot class with our newest teacher trainee graduate.  The class was full, and as I went about my practice, I silently marveled at the teacher’s ability to read the room, guide the students into a beautiful yoga practice, offering modifications, and oozing confidence.  Believe me, this is no small feat for a brand new yoga teacher.  Most trainee’s I have seen from other programs have not been prepared to teach, and wait for months or years to get up the nerve to stand before strangers and lead them into a well thought out yoga practice.

I hate to toot my horn, but Anahata has developed a top notch program, that unfolds every aspect of yoga that a student needs to know.  Some students have said they expected the philosophy to bore them to death, but report it was their favorite part of the training.  Yet, others witness a profound deep experience that begin’s to change their lives for the better.  Most of the trainee’s love the support and friendship not only from the lead teachers, but their fellow yoga teacher trainees, and have developed long lasting friendships.  In the past, they have gotten together for drinks and meals outside of trainings, went to coffee shops to study for quizzes, and met to practice teaching at the studio, and bringing in food and pot lucks on day’s of training….(after all, you get mighty hungry moving that much!!).   If anyone has a struggle with any part of training, we all rally around, teachers and trainee’s alike, to help that person overcome the challenge, and get back on track.

Most are nervous to start this newest chapter in their lives, but I tell everyone, “it’s my goal to help you succeed in this”.  I prepare them well, and make sure everyone knows their anatomy, the postures, and the philosophy behind yoga.  I tell them how to retain students, how to be a successful yoga teacher and how to promote themselves.   They get a blue print that they follow to be successful.

The most common concern I get asked, is this, “am I ready to do this?, or “what if I can’t do some yoga poses?”.    The people that are ready for yoga to unfold in their lives have some of these common traits….

Notice what is NOT on the list……They can do ALL of the postures, perfectly.  That is why it is called “yoga practice”, instead of Yoga perfect.  In teacher training you will learn how to make modest long term goals towards the posture that is most difficult for them.

I love to do this.  I love to take yogi’s deeper into the practice, and help them find the hidden joy in yoga.  I love to see the moment they realize it’s all up to them, and they can DO this, not only today, but in the future.  They are the DIRECTORS of their own life, and they can create what every they wish.

Come and join us for a free informational meeting on teacher training, and address your concerns…..

If one of those times do not work, please contact the studio to set up a time of your choosing, at 513-204-5657.  Make 2021 for you! and make it your best year yet!

see you on the mat,