Your choice, sickness or health

Your choice, sickness or health

Sometimes we don’t even realize we have a choice whether we are sick or healthy.  The practice of everyday yoga will bring you health.  But yoga effects are subtle.  So subtle you might not even realize they are working, until months or years down the road.  The first thing you realize, you are sick way less.  The cold or virus that runs around your family in the fall/winter/spring has missed you.  Consistently, you stay healthy.  But yoga will only work if you commit to the practice.

Another simple way to super charge your yoga practice is choosing to be kind.  This is not so easy in the world we live in.  We choose to be kind, even when someone is unkind to us.  We choose to let other cars go in front of us, even when we are running late.  We take the time to wish others have a wonderful day.  We call that friend who is going through a tough time lately.  We look for ways to improve safe measures;  in our homes, and work places.  We guard our thoughts, and when unpleasant or unkind thoughts enter our minds, we switch it to positive thinking towards others.  This is powerful work that can give us real results in the health of our bodies.

The practice of yoga removes these negative thoughts towards ourselves and others.  Slowly, like water hitting a rock, it polishes our vibration, so we are light.  We can bring our light to others who are in darkness.  We help others who need help.  We raise our vibration, and others.  This is what we are called to do.  To be LIGHT.

So, it all goes back to choice.  What will you choose today?  Sickness or health?

See you on the mat,


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