Your best life

Your best life

All of us are birthed with certain unique abilities and talents.  Our best life should be on sharing those gifts with the world.  There is real power in that!  Where we fall short, is with the thoughts that come up stopping us from using those gifts.  Those thoughts are non-serving, damaging to our very self.  Your yoga practice, everyday, will kill those thoughts.  Slowly, as you return to your mat everyday, you trust your body, and your mind will follow suit.

Let’s take an example…..You have always loved ice cream.  In your spare time, you invent new flavors, new combinations that wow your friends and family.  You secretly would love to open an ice cream store.  In fact, you look at the logistics at doing that, but you don’t have enough money saved up.  You don’t have the slightest idea on where to begin, or how to do it.  So, you go back to work, day after day, forgetting about your dream, believing it not possible. Not living your dream, a dullness sets in the body; a different kind of pain.  This dullness/pain enters the body and mind, and is hard to get rid of.   What would I suggest??  Start a yoga practice.  Let me explain.

One of the best things that happen in yoga is believing in your self.  It does not happen overnight.  But it does happen.  When you step on your mat, you discover the limitations that are in your body.  That tightness in your body, is like a mirror for the mind, reflecting the rigidity of the mind.  Day by day, you begin to let go of that tightness.  This is where the yoga magic happens.  One day, at the end of practice, during meditation, a thought comes in as a solution to your ice cream store dream.   Go ahead, follow that.  That is your next step.  Step after step, it will slowly take you to your dream, until one day, you are living your best life yet.

How do I know this?  This is what happened to me.  Sometimes you don’t even know what your best life can be.  No worries there; Yoga will also show you that.   You want to change the world?  Start by changing yourself through this practice of yoga.  Follow somebody who knows this, and knows the power of yoga.  Day after day, yoga practice after practice, go ahead; your best life is waiting for you to claim it!!

See you on the mat,


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