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Imagine everything you see, or every event happening in your life now is a result of past actions, or thoughts.  Somethings that happen are good, somethings are unpleasant, yet others are neutral.  If you could, wouldn’t you want to change your life and the things that happen to you?  Well, you can with the practice of yoga!  You see, the practice of yoga starts to change you, from the outside in.  Much different than exercise, yoga changes the very cells inside your body, and how you view life.

I recently googled commonalities among Centenarians and found 3 items that were common to yoga.  Those were:

  • Most centenarians have an innate ability to deal with stress
  • Many centenarians live in non-industrial and less toxic environments
  • Most centenarians are profound believers in the spiritual, and are actively involved in their religion

You see, you can’t live to be 100, and be sour or complain about life.  Most centenarians have a positive outlook.  The good news is, even if you wern’t born with these types of genes, you can change your genes with yoga.  Yoga practice will make you have a positive outlook.  Not only will you weather the ups and downs of life with grace and ease, you will change the things you see.

For instance, most people might complain about this cold weather we are experiencing now.  A yogi, sees this weather differently.  A yogi stays connected to the source of warmth, and finds no such discomfort in cold weather.  A yogi knows that something unpleasant that happens today, will be replaced by something good tomorrow.  Yoga also teaches us that we can change our very lives, by planting good seeds.  If we want our lives to be happy, we can do that by simply taking care of others, and planting good seeds.

So, lets address these 3 items above……How well are you coping with stress?  Yoga and meditation helps immensely with stress.  ALL of our classes at Anahata end or begin with meditation; clearing out the stress of the day.  (I am shocked to see how many yoga centers don’t end or begin with meditation; it is an alarming trend in the yoga business.  Thankfully, my yoga teachers taught me differently, and Anahata will stay true to yoga’s roots.)  The 2nd item is very much aligned with the practice of yoga.  After yoga, you want a better life; a life that includes healthy air for all of us to breath;  good food to nourish our bodies, and clean environments.  Yogi’s are the original environmentalists.  And lastly, yoga involves a spiritual component.  Funny things is when I underwent my yoga teacher training, I had NO idea that it would enhance my spirituality.  Now after many years, I credit my yoga practice to my increased development of my Catholic faith.  A fact I’m sure not many realize.

So, come.  Practice yoga.  Go deeper and take yoga teacher training.  You might just be outside, dancing in this -7 degree warmth!

See you on the mat,




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