You! The Star of your life.

You!  The Star of your life.

Approaching my 40’s, I thought I had it all together.  Work, family, and workouts were all going strong, until that is, they weren’t.  I still got my sinus infections that were really hard to get rid of, as well as the stomach, latest flu virus that was going around.  Also, the running, biking, and other various activities also left me with hip pain.  I tried traditional routes to get rid of the pain, but the only thing that worked for me was yoga.  I committed to a regular practice, and immediately began to reap the benefits.  My workouts became easier, in fact everything did.  I was non-reactive, which was a big thing for me, as I’m kind of a hot head.  The yoga took my edge off, and helped me to be more loving to myself and everyone else, and also kept those viruses away.

The thing I realized myself was how important this practice was to my self care.  If I took the time for yoga, I still had plenty of time for work, family obligations, keeping up with friends, and workouts.  Without the yoga and my self care, I occasionally got sick, which usually grinds all activities to a halt.  That is why so many companies are starting to realize how important the practices of meditation and yoga are.  Your employees are happier, healthier, and get sick less often.  Companies are paying for yoga memberships, as well as offering lunch time or after work options to get your practice in.  This is a huge step in the right direction, much like chiropractor was recognized as beneficial years ago.

I have a routine like much of you.  I sit for long hours, marketing, changing the website, email, and other studio stuff.  I think you might be surprised how I fit in my yoga.  I take little bursts in-between sitting.  Down dog is lovely when you put your hands on your desk, and walk your hips back.  I do a couple of rounds of sun salutations in the morning, and as much standing poses I can.  Sometimes it’s as little as 15 minutes, or longer.  In the evening, I take time to decompress and let my body just relax.  Sitting postures, restorative poses, legs up the wall, and maybe a grounding headstand or shoulder stand.  My yoga weaves into my day without a lot of effort on my part.  It took awhile to realize this, but everything is better for me, when I’ve taken care of myself.  My self care is a priority number one, which might sound selfish, but when I put myself first, everything else gets done quicker, with a happier me.  Yoga philosophy says the same thing.  You can’t save someone else’s life, you first have to save yourself.  ie:  First put on your oxygen mask before helping others put their’s on.

Take this New Years Challenge.  Challenge yourself to as many practices of yoga you can get to at the studio.  You first have to feel how good this practice makes you feel  to then make it a priority.  Come for restorative, aerial, hot vinyasa and yoga.

See you on the mat,


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