You have arrived

Where is your happy place?  The place where you feel most secure, most loved, most cherished.  Some people might say, well, My home, is where I feel most secure.  For others, the memory of a wonderful vacation brings up feelings of happiness.  Others love the security of their family.  Some people take yoga teacher training, looking for this feeling, and then realizing that maybe they will find this feeling somewhere else, say India.  Yes, you say, I will arrive, when I can study in India, the birthplace of yoga.  That is the real deal…

Yet, this feeling is already within us.  We do not need to go on vacation, see our family, or go somewhere special.  This feeling lies dormant within us.  The lies that issue forth, say, well, you’ll be happy when you have no financial worries, you’ll be happy when your on vacation, you’ll be happy when you finally get that raise you deserve.  Those lies tell us we need something “outside” of ourselves.

When I was taking my teacher training, my teacher explained this.  I don’t think I got “it” then.  But then, I realize that I have been pushed spiritually up a very bumpy road with potholes, so I can discover and remember this lesson.  Some days I do feel like I’m in one of those potholes, but then……those other days……..I feel like I’m floating in a sea of peace, love, and harmony.  Sounds like a bunch of crap that you would expect your yoga teacher to say!  All I can say, is I want each and every student of mine to feel this.  It’s just too good of a feeling not to share.  Come, let me take you there……

Sit quietly.  Feel your breath…..Feel it move in and out.  Deep inside feel perfect.  Deep inside, feel you are already so loved, cherished, just for who you are.  You are awesome.  You are amazing.  There is no one quite like you, you are perfectly unique, wonderfully put together.  The skills you have, no one else does.  Your perfectly equipped to do what you need to do today.  My friends,  You have arrived!!

See you on the mat,


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  1. Hi Paula,

    Hi Paula,

    I get “it.” But I’m not yet able to do it on my own. I need something external: a song, a memory, a special place — Big Sur — a success, etc.

    But I love your last paragraph and will use that in meditation tonight.

    See you soon, Kathy G-M

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