Yoga Works

When you give the body what it needs, when it needs it, it will heal itself.   Yoga is one of the ways the body heals itself.  Each posture connects the dots of your energy lines with different organs, and muscles.  The practice of yoga is much like acupuncture, which is a widely accepted healing modality.  Not only will this practice heal you, but in the process it makes your body stronger, and your mind more flexible.  You began to think in different ways.  You become more accepting of others differences.  Peace and love guide your actions.  Instead of your body aging, the clock turns backwards.

This week, my students saw something truly amazing.  A student of mine, in her 70’s, did a headstand.  Not only did she do a headstand, but balanced on her forearms, something that takes a lot of strength.  Everyone’s jaw dropped, except mine.  This student never misses practice.  She works diligently, persistently, every week on her yoga.  It is paying off now.  Instead of shrinking like most people, she is standing taller, and growing by inches with her yoga practice.  This helps the organs retain their original shape, and helps them become more efficient.  Yoga not only makes you well, but keeps you well.  Colds, flues, are a thing of the past with regular practice.  I have not had any type of virus, or cold, ever since I started a daily yoga practice.

You might think this is an exception, but this is something that I witness every week.  Here is the formula to use……..

Give the body what it needs, when it needs it  +  the right teacher to line the body up  =  HEALTH, HAPPINESS.

See you on the mat,


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