Yoga Vs. Exercise

One of the very best reasons to amp up your yoga practice is simply the breath.  In vinyasa classes, ujjayi breathing is taught and encouraged.  In vinyasa classes, transitions in and out of poses, and during the pose itself, ujjayi breathing is used.   Ujjayi breathing is transulated as such, “Victory over Death”.  You are breathing;  you have victory over death.  The benefits of ujjayi breathing are astounding!

  • It is boost the focusing power of mind.
  • Body becomes healthy, strong and lustrous.
  • It generates the internal heat.
  • Gives a positive attitude.
  • Very helpful in clearing blocked arteries, regulates cholesterol.
  • Helps in cataracts and sinus problems, Rheumatism and migraine also.
  • It lowers the risk of heart attacks.
  • Prevents thyroid problems and makes voice sweet and melodious.
  • Best for those people who are in singing profession.
  • Beneficial in chronic cold, cough, indigestion, liver problems, dysentery, fever and other diseases.
  • Best for arousing Kundalini, meditation.
  • Increases the concentration power.
  • Improve lisping problems in children.
  • Very helpful in Asthma problem and other respiratory diseases.

It is the most beneficial way to breath during yoga.  Yoga sutras describe it as such….Let’s say your body is like a clogged pipe that you want to open up.  Performing the asanas or postures is like striking the pipe with a stick.  If the pipe is really clogged, it’s going to take many days, weeks, years to open that pipe.  Also, you need to know where to strike the pipe for the best results.  (a yoga teacher who has this knowledge will know how to open you up, line the body up)  But, if you were to blow through the pipe, as someone was beating on the pipe from the outside, you might say that would be the most successful way of clearing that pipe.  The results would be fast.

That is Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.  I love it.  It works very fast, efficient. Come and learn it the right way.  Open yourself up!

See you on the mat,


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