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Some of you might wonder……Does yoga really work?  For those of us who practice on a daily basis, we know, because we feel it.  We feel the difference between rocking your day, and just getting by.  We feel the energy restored to the body.  I have had such evidence by myself.  Years ago, I had a cyst on my back, nothing alarming, but decided to get it taken off.  It promptly grew back.  I decided to live with it.  After a couple of years of regular daily yoga practice, the lump disappeared.  Who knows how it could have manifested later into disease?   For years in my 30’s I had persistent  yeast infections, and yes, you guessed it, those cleared up after yoga practice.

Over the years I have had knee problems (skiing), back problems, reoccurring sinus infections, flus, stomach bugs, colds just to name a few.  That was all before yoga.  Since undergoing teacher training, I have not been bothered by any of the above.  That’s a lot of years, under my belt, that I’ve felt yoga working.   I have seen people even with cancer heal themselves with yoga practice.  Yoga will get you the results you want.  BUT, you have to know how yoga works.  It would be very difficult to know how yoga works unless you studied under a teacher who knew it well, for themselves.  That is why the student/teacher relationship is so very important.  That is why people who like yoga, and start to feel a little better decide to take the yoga teacher training and immersion.  You just have to know more!

Remember, yoga results are quite different when you compare everyday practice, to say, a couple of times a week.  So, new clients often ask me “how many times a week should I do yoga?”  Usually, my answer is, “As many times as you can”.  A couple of times a week and you might see some big improvements in flexibility, strength.  Everyday?  It will change your life!

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