Yoga Possibilities

When you put the body in the right place (class) with the right teacher (?) at the right location (Anahata!) healing begins at a molecular level.  So quietly the body heals, you might not even notice it at first.  Slowly, as you do your yoga, regularly,  a shift begins to happen.  Again, my teacher describe it as such….Yoga heals like water hitting a rock.  Slowly, over time, it begins to shape and mold the rock.  The more regular and consistent we are, the more effective yoga is.

It’s also very important to find the right teacher for you at this moment.  Yoga teachers have a way to dispensing their knowledge and grace to their students.  It’s kind of like being helped up a spiritual ladder.  There are people above us, and below us.  As we begin our journey, we get help from above, and give it to the people below.

And there is the place…..Anahata.  Clients tell me this place is so serene, welcoming, amazing.  I know this, because I created it.  On the very first day we got possession of this building, (it was Easter day, 5 years ago)  I sat and meditated.  Here I created the studio.  It was here that I felt healing for many souls occur.  Happiness, Joy flowed into my thoughts as I contemplated how my yoga journey could affect so many others find the same things I did with yoga.  Saturday’s class at the end was just that.  Everyone was totally quiet, letting the yoga asana take hold.  If you can feel peace, it was there.  The birds quietly chirping outside, as many souls unite and uplift.  This is how yoga occurs….

See you on the mat,


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