Yoga Miracles

Yoga is not a cure all, but given the chance, it will work miracles in your life.  Here are some of the many miracles a regular yoga practice has had in my life…..

  • Generally, I enjoy awesome health.  (no colds, sinus trouble, sickness, or such the like)
  • I have stepped away from all over the counter remedies, such as aspirin, pain relievers, because I simply don’t need them.
  • Yoga has enhanced my relationship with my husband.
  • Yoga has allowed me to be more open to my family, friends.
  • I have passed through menopause, without a pill, shot, or whatever you might take.
  • I am more joyful, and appreciate all the big and little things that come into my life.
  • I find myself, not holding on or trying to control to get what I want…  people, things.
  • I like to live simply, trying my best to not waste, and do more of reducing, and reuse.
  • Generally, I am happy in my skin.
  • I am at peace, and think I’m a much nicer person.  (I used to have road rage, now I send out love.)

It sounds like I live through rose colored glasses.  But that is not true, I’ve had more than my fair share of stress throughout my life.  But I’ve also been blessed abundantly.  I look back on my life, and I’m so grateful for the people who had played a pivotal role in my life.  My parents, husband, and especially my yoga teachers.  I was accepted, loved, despite my many flaws and ignorance;  I was given the tools  that I have used to live this life well.    Nothing worthwhile comes easy.  I have studied, and worked hard to step into the shoes, my yoga teachers have given me.

Yoga does take work, and effort.  But given the chance, I would do it all over again, and again.  I realize, that the gifts my yoga teachers have given me, are treasures beyond time, space and money.  This is a debt I pay back.  I pay back to others.  I do my best to share yoga, and share the gifts.  All it takes, is one small step into the studio.  Day after day, just make a commitment, and come.  I promise it will work miracles in your life as well.

See you on the mat,



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