Yoga 101 Beginner Series



Tuesday's at 5 pm, Saturday's at 9 am
Perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about yoga, Anahata’s Yoga Class 101 provides a solid foundation in the essential yoga poses and some philosophy behind this amazing practice.   You will be given all of the tools and knowledge to customize each yoga pose just for you.   You will learn the how, why and when of yoga. How much should I practice for general flexibility, or to strengthen the body? How can I heal my body? How do I prevent Dis-ease? For instance, most people view yoga as an exercise class, and bring water to quench their thirst. Why wouldn’t this be a good idea according to yoga knowledge? Why is the breath so important?  Learn these questions, and feel confident to walk into a class of your choosing at the end of the program.



Each session of the 4 week class builds on the previous week’s class, allowing you to absorb and apply what you’ve learned so that you’ll feel prepared to jump into any of our ongoing classes. Get a thorough introduction of yoga that includes ALL of what yoga is. Look at the most commonly practiced poses and take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions and find out how to modify poses so they work best for you.   Each session will have a different teacher who brings their own unique style and voice.  Some teachers will physically adjust you, or help you relax in the final pose.  We always give our students the choice to be touched, or not.

During the 4-week workshop, all enrolled students receive a 20% discount off any store items. We will close enrollment at 15 participants.  For any reason, should you need to miss a week, you can make it up in a class the teacher deems appropriate for you.

See below for upcoming dates and times.   Time and day for each session will vary.  Must prepay  in advance to hold your spot. No class passes/memberships can be used for these series.


Upcoming 101 Class Dates:  Sign up today! 

Summer Series Tuesday’s at 5 pm,  Saturday’s at 9 am

Tuesday’s  dates:  June 11,  June 18,  June 22, July 2

Saturday’s dates:  June 8, June 15,  June 22,  June 29

About Series:  This class will be a general focus on everything yoga is.  Breath work, poses, and relaxation.  A wonderful way to start your yoga journey.


Class closes at 15 participants.  This and all other workshops are non-refundable.


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