Words of Power

Often, I find myself speaking words of power to myself, and to my Monday Hot class.  Those words of power go something like this……

  • You have everything within you to succeed
  • You are beautiful being, full of light, capable of spreading that light
  • Yoga will work, all you have to do is show up, and do it.
  • You already are strong enough, smart enough and OPEN enough to do this pose, do your best today, and it will manifest tomorrow
  • BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, they are all around you
  • Believe in yourself, show up for yourself, and LOVE yourself.

Could yoga be that easy?  Just believe, and have some magic fairy dust to sprinkle over you, and BAM…..your a yogi!!  Yes it does.  The philosophy says that yoga practice brings on a feeling of well being….When you FEEL well, you are WELL.  The more yoga you do, the more you feel well.  Let go of your expectations of what poses you should do well, and just do your best.  No one cares or thinks bad of you for resting in childs pose.  Only you feel bad, because of past experiences and beliefs.  Come, show up, book yourself into class, do your best, when you need to rest, REST.

You know how you forgive a friend when they mess up?  Well I think we are harder on ourselves when we mess up.  Recognize your faults, work on them, and make a strong commitment never to mess up again.  When you do, love yourself even more.

Rome was not built in a day, and neither will you change in an instant.  Yoga takes time, effort, but most importantly, LOVE.

Remember, You got this!!  See you on the mat, beautiful 🙂



  1. I shared w a friend who needed to hear this. Thx Paula

  2. Thanks Elizabeth!!

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