With Loving Eyes

Your yoga practice starts to work on you the moment you begin.  In subtle (feeling better) and not so subtle ways (soreness).    Your body is a reflection of your mind and thoughts.  As we live, these thoughts and actions get ‘recorded” on our body.  The older we are, the more things are recorded.  Our yoga practice is like an eraser that cleans away the thoughts that are recorded onto our body.  With practice and time, our body begins to feel  “lighter”, in every aspect.

Think of a barcode on a piece of white paper.  Perfect health, happiness, clear thoughts and actions are the white sheet.  The black lines of the barcode are all of our thoughts, actions;  our karma.  These included how we treated others, things we did to help/hurt others, in essence, how we lived in this life and past lives.  Some of the karma we have accumulated, are quite easy to erase with a yoga practice.  I should mention before I go any further, there is good karma, and bad karma, and I’m sure I don’t have to differentiate between the two.  The good karma ripens as you see, experience good things.  I’m talking about how to get “rid” of the bad karma.

So, it makes sense that as you do your yoga practice at first you will get rid of some of the “little”  bad karma you have accumulated.  I’m talking about our likes and dislikes.  We have many.  We like this yoga teacher, but not that yoga teacher.  We like a turkey sandwich, but not a ham sandwich.  As the yoga practice begins to work on you, slowly you begin not to be bothered by these small “events” that take place in our lives.  You find that the yoga teacher that is subbing that week, actually has something to teach you.  You try the ham sandwich, and find that it’s actually pretty good.  Understanding this concept, you begin to erase the bigger lines on the barcode.  These are the “bigger” lines, that take a little more work and dedicated yoga practice to overcome……..

Your partner.  At first your husband or wife could do no harm, and were perfect in everyway.  They smelled good, looked good, and though you were precious, a gem to behold.  Then overtime, they don’t look so good.  What changed?  Primarily you.  That person is most likely the same as when you first married.

Your children.  Every parent remembers holding their baby as new parents.  What a beautiful sight!  This baby looked up adoringly at the parents.  But wait, babies grow up to be teenagers.  Suddenly that teenager is talking back, and disrupting your peace.  Who has changed?  You.

A homeless person.  You used to look upon homeless people with disdain.  You thought, if they could just get a job, do better, get off drugs, etc. they could change.  Until one day, you fall upon hard times, and need others help to get in a better place.  Who thoughts have changed?  Yours.

I’m dreaming of a world, where we all gaze upon our teenagers with loving eyes.  We see everyone as the same, again, with loving eyes.  One glance from a guru, and this thought can be transmitted.  It is the same as doing lots of physical yoga practice.

With Loving Eyes,


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