Why yoga works

Why yoga works

It is easy to start a yoga practice, but what takes diligence is sticking regularly to a yoga practice.  Yoga practice is usually the first thing we take out of our schedule when life gets chaotic and busy, but those times are when we need the yoga most.  A regular yoga practice frees up your energy and your thoughts, so you can be more productive and proactive.  Yoga practice gives us space to slow down, connect with our breath, and check inside to see how we are feeling.  Mostly, before yoga, I was on auto pilot.  I didn’t take the time to see how I was feeling, unless I got sick, which was usually 1X or 2X a year.

One of the first things you see disappear  with practice is getting that annual cold.   You think you’re pretty healthy, that is, until you’re not.  Most people are really surprised to find out that in the 14 years since I’ve been practicing I have not have one cold, one bout of flu, one stomach virus, or have lost one day of work due to being sick.  I also know of many others this way as well.  This is reason alone to keep on practicing when life gets busy.

Yet another reason is to keep surgeries and pain from happening.  I have “popped” my knee when skiing, and have used yoga to rehabilitate myself.  I have also healed my hip pain, back pain, and my heartache.  I have enjoyed being active and doing anything I want, because yoga keeps me aligned, tall, and healthy.

I promise, generally, you just feel better after practicing yoga.  Come, and see for yourself.  Practice yoga.  Let me know how you feel.  And most importantly, KEEP on practicing even when life throws you a curve ball.  Your body will thank you.

See you on the mat,


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