When panic ensues

Just as I gathered my thoughts about what to say regarding the coronavirus, the song, “You need to calm down”, came into my head. Yes, for sure, clients are on social media, watching news and fretting, as I am too. Yet stepping back, and not doing anything is not going to stop the spread of illness.

Now more than ever, you need to come to yoga, for a regular physical yoga practice creates a healthy robust immunity that can fight these viruses, and yoga contributes immensely to that, not just through maintenance of physical health through movement and breath, but through reduction of stress, and, I would argue, positive social interaction through a shared social experience (with appropriate boundaries to limit community spread through physical contact) is also quite important for maintaining a robust immune system. Isolation has the opposite effect.

But we are taking a stand on spreading anything at the studio, and I would like to ask for your cooperation. Mostly these are common sense things, things as a teacher I do most days….

  • I want to encourage you to bring your own props, and mat to use for class. The use of bolsters and most props will be for restorative classes only, and they will be properly cleaned and sanitized between uses.
  • Please get into the habit of washing your hands before and after class. Limit touching eyes, nose and mouth during practice.
  • Stay home if you have a fever, or feel something coming on.
  • If you do use a block, we will have spray for you to wipe them down with.
  • For now, as teachers, we will eliminate partnering poses and physical adjusting.

It is no coincidence that in my years of doing a daily regular yoga practice that I have not gotten a sinus infection, the yearly flu (Nor do I get shots for this either), or the latest stomach bug that seems to pass around each fall or spring. Yoga does, and will keep you healthy, you just have to show up.

See you on the mat,


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