What your body needs

I believe with the right movement, nutrition, rest, and right thoughts, we can prevent or delay an onset of disease that runs in our family.   That includes cancer, heart disease, or anything you might have.  Our genetics do not influence who we are, and what we are going through.  This is proven through scientific research.  We have the understanding and power to cure ourselves, and make the changes necessary to reverse what was given to us.

If you listen to the body it is constantly giving us messages.  It shouts, MORE SLEEP, if we haven’t been getting enough.  Headaches shout, stop listen and breath;  sit still and meditate for a while.  I hope that I’m listening to my body, most of the time, which includes how I approach a yoga practice.  I had a very busy, and active weekend, and last night, my yoga practice was a few simple stretches, but really heavy on savasana.  I slept like a baby.  Today, I feel the need to sweat, move and challenge myself in hot yoga.  I look for new ways to challenge myself, both in meditation, and movement.  Combined with the right movement, is the direction of my thoughts.  I spend time thinking of others;  hoping their day is going well, and sending them good thoughts.  This helps me feel better, because it take the attention of my selfish desires, and sends positive thoughts of well being into the atmosphere, which change our world.  This is a foundation of how yoga works to help us stay healthy.

Ask yourself, what do you need today?  Do you need to sit with your thoughts, and let them disappear?  Does your body need to detox, sweat and move?  Maybe you need to take more drastic moves, and flip yourself upside down?  At Anahata, we will have the right class for what you need today and tomorrow.  Come, and let the yoga work, and heal you.

See you on the mat,



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