What pain?

One thing is for sure.  We come into this world.  And at some point, we die.  What we do in the middle makes up who we are, and how we live.  Most people would agree that you need to stay active to be healthy.  So given society’s advise, quite alot of people go to the gym, run, cycle, lift, etc.  All of that is good, except when you can’t do those things, because of pain: knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain.  Then those same people go get surgery to deal with the pain.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes it works for awhile, and then the pain comes back.

What is guaranteed to get rid of the pain?  Yoga.  Well, you might say, I’ve tried yoga, and it didn’t work for me.   There are some guidelines regarding yoga practice, and they are:

  • Be consistent.  Yoga should be done everyday.  If you want a pain free life, you have to make choices.  Can I spend 30 minutes most days, and on the other day’s go to the studio, where I can make sure my alignment is going good?
  • Yoga practice should be done with much zeal.  This is something you should look forward to.  You should practice yoga like your hair is on fire, and you HAVE to extinguish it out NOW.
  • Yoga practice should be steady, with even inhales, and even exhales.  No grasping for breath.  No red face.
  • Yoga practice will work over an extended period of time.  This is what trips people up.  Generally, we want things done now.  Yoga works like water pouring over stone.  Overtime, the stone begins to change shape.  This is how fast yoga works.  They don’t say how long you need to practice before seeing the results you want.

Over the course of my days, I talk to many people about yoga.  One lady said yesterday, “My boyfriend wants me to go back to yoga, he notices a change in my behavior when I’m practicing regularly”.  And another client says, “The more yoga I practice, the better I feel.”  Will your yoga practice always be pleasant?  I can’t promise that.  What I can promise is this;  That every minute spent on your mat will not be in vain.   Not one bit.   Yoga just makes you feel better, if not awesome all the time.    It is time.  To live your life full; complete.  It is time for yoga.  🙂

See you on the mat,


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