What makes you old and bald

I just got a Mac book, and I’m going through the process of learning how to use it.  The salesman at Apple showed me in the store how to keep up multiple windows so I can go back and forth between web sites.  Multi-tasking is not a good idea, according to yoga philosophy and psychologists.  In fact, the yoga sutras suggest that multi-tasking people exhibit some of the same health concerns, such as early balding, and heart disease.

The sutras (of yoga) say that our brain works best when we can focus on one particular idea or project.  It’s like “good food” for your brain.  Studies show that you get your projects done quicker, with less stress when you can focus on one idea.  Our society does not support this idea.  Now I can get alerts on my phone when social media goes off, getting new emails, or even people texting me.  This is like my brain trying to keep 5 websites up, and switching in amongst them.

One of the reasons that yoga works to calm and destress you, is simply this.  You must focus quite a lot, or you will fall on your face or hurt yourself practicing yoga.  You become aware of where your arms and legs are in space, and how they should be.  You have to focus when you balance.  Next time in class, see if this is true.  In a balance pose, ask yourself if you are thinking about what to have for supper.  Chances are, all of your effort, every thought is on keeping your balance.

When I sit down to write a blog, or work on an idea, I usually turn my phone off, and shut down my computer.  I know my brain will formulate new ideas, and my creativity will flow with no interruptions.  This is how yoga works.  Try it, and see it for yourself!!

See you on the mat,


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