What lane do you like?

A question I get asked frequently is this, “Which class should I attend?”  This depends on some factors.  You have to know why you want to start a yoga practice.  Is it flexibility, strength, health, peace of mind, stress, or something else?  Once you know WHY you want to come, we can come up with a plan based on other factors.  Which lane of traffic do you like to travel?

Lets say you are traveling on a 3 lane highway.  People who drive in the right hand lane don’t want to be rushed.  They like to take their time, enjoy the scenery, and when they arrive, they will arrive.  They usually like to leave early, so they are not rushed.  They might even get irritated if someone comes up from behind, and honks their horn.

Then there is the left hand lane.  These clients like to go fast.  When they make up their mind what they want, they want it now.  They might be the people who honk their horns at others who are traveling too slow in the left hand lane.  They are rushed most of the time, and leave their house with minutes to spare.

At last, lets take a look at the people who drive in the center lane.  They usually are intuitive, and see all of the traffic around them.  They can go to either lane to ease the flow.  They know their bodies, and they know what their bodies need from yoga.  Sometimes they like to travel fast.  Other times, they like to slow down and take their time.

Usually when we start a yoga practice we tend to want to drive either in the left or right hand lanes.  But, as our practice develops, we tune in, listen to our body, and nurture it based on the needs of the day.  As the practice of yoga takes hold in our bodies and in our minds, we drive in the center lane.  We become more balanced.

If you are not sure what you need the yoga to do, or what class might be appropriate for you, ask yourself; “Which lane of traffic do I prefer to drive in?”  Below are the answers……..

Left hand lane, fast drivers Center lane drivers  


Right hand lane drivers



Transform and Heal, Sunday at 5 Restorative yoga, Sunday at 6##


Hot Ashtanga Flow, Monday at 6:30** Unwind and Release, Monday at 5
Strength & Flow, Tuesday at 5:30 It’s Just Yoga, Tuesday at noon##


Beginner Vinyasa Flow, Tues at 7 You can go to any class, anyday, anytime Align and Release using hammocks, Tues. at 5:30##


Mixed Vinyasa Flow, Wed. at 7** Beginner Yoga w/Meditation, Wed. at 9:30


Beginner Vinyasa Flow, Thurs at 6 Beginner yoga w/Meditation, Wed. at 6


Ariel BAT w/Hammocks, Thurs. at 7:30**  


Sun and Moon Yoga, Fri. at 9:30




It’s just Yoga, Friday at noon  


Strength and Flow, Sat. at 8 am Gentle vinyasa, Saturday at 10:30


Intuitive yoga, Sat. at 9 am**  


**  These classes are super charged, turbo fast                                                 ## These classes are super relaxing, laid back

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