What is it?

The yoga sutra’s are a guideline on how to live a healthy, peaceful life free from disease, and to be of service to others.  The sutras teach us that first we must live by a high moral code and embrace virtues such as non-stealing, cleanliness, non-harming and to be contented with what we have to name a few.  But do you know what the worst kind of seed is?  A seed that is planted in your brain, and causes harm to your whole body?  It’s really a way of thinking that we all have from birth.  That thought is that things are not really as we see them.  It’s kind of looking through your eyes with really bad vision.  We view experiences, things as either good things, or bad things.

For instance, lets take the birth of a child.  One set of parents has been trying for many years to get pregnant.  They go to specialists and try new techniques but to no avail.  They finally get pregnant.   Another woman, born of hardship, gets raped.  Both woman are pregnant.  But it’s not hard to imagine how both woman might view this pregnancy.  The later might view the baby as a burden to bear, another mouth to feed.  The first might shower this baby with love.  You see, it’s all how we view things…

So, lets take a look at this picture.  What is it?  For some of us, this is very black and white, so to speak.  You say for certain, it is taken on a coral reef.  Others might argue, and say well, that is a type of fungus, growing on a log.  Yoga is not for the people who are certain without a doubt they know what that picture is.  Yoga is for the people who are in the middle, and say, “what is it?”

I love expounding and learning about the yoga sutras.  For me, this practice has grown from just exercise, to a brand new way of living, of helping others.  Please join me for a talk on the sutras.  I promise it will be enLIGHTening!  You will leave with tools that will unlock the tension in your body, and a purpose in life that fuels your passion.

Saturday, February 4th 10:30 am to 12:30 .

See you on the mat,



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