What goes around, comes around

We have all heard the devastating effects of pent up emotion.  How holding these emotions inside of us, will eventually kill us.  This way of thinking encourages us to vent.  We vent to our friends, spouse, family, and even social media.  But, what goes around, will come back around to haunt us.  The energy we give out on a daily basis, can either come back and heal us, or harm us.  Say, for instance, someone cuts you off when you are driving.  You curse, or gesture, or mutter something either in your head, or through your mouth.  You might think, it’s no big deal, they can’t hear me, or even see me.  But, the very next day, you are distracted thinking about your problems on the way home from work.  You accidentally pull out in front of somebody else, almost causing an accident.  Sometimes we can put 2 and 2 together, realizing that is karma at work, and make a shift in our lives, quite often we don’t realize that this is coming back around from our previous bad actions.  This is spiritual growth.

Karma rule:  A good action will always help you see a equally good action in the future.  A bad action will yield a bad result in the future.

This is what I’m suggesting today.  Anything that we perceive as “bad” coming at us, is actually a bad seed that we have planted in the past, due to our actions.   If we understand this, we can actually take this bad seed within us,  without venting to anyone.  Here is the good news!!  The practice of yoga asana removes these bad seeds from our body.  That is why it is not uncommon to witness clients laughing, crying, or just releasing emotions on their mat.  This is how yoga heals you.  The same is true for a good seed.   Our good actions of this day, will come back to us, making us see good actions in the future.

Food for thought……The very reason we grow old and die?  Our good seeds have worn out, and we haven’t planted enough good seeds.  Soon I will tell you how to plant the very best of seeds, the kind that won’t ripen and die.

See you on the mat,



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