What goes around, comes around

As you do this practice of yoga, you become acutely aware of any wrong doing that you doing, or have done in the past.  This is a good thing, because, then you can change your thoughts, actions and keep from planting bad seeds.  We want to plant as many good seeds as we can, but sometimes this is hard.  Sometimes, people are not nice, and then we “react” to that, and plant more negative seeds.  Let me tell you what happened the other day to me.

My husband, Ollie the dog, and myself went up the road to go for a walk, and took my motorcycle.  Standard procedure when you get off the motorcycle, is to stash your gear safely, get the dog out of the back, and make sure the kickstand is down and secure.  We did all of this, and started out on the walk.  Before I got out of the parking lot, I heard a loud bang behind me.  Something made me turn around, and walk back to check on the bike.  It sounded like it fell down.  And yes, when I reached it, I looked on in horror, as the bike was resting on the ground, with the smell of gas coming from the engine.  Anyone who has owned a motorcycle knows that when it goes down, it is not good.  It had never happened to me, and thank God, because my scooter weighs 500 lbs., and can go 70 down the highway.  For all purposes, it’s a motorcycle.

The girl who parked next to me, started apologizing and saying, “I just went over to touch the helmet, and it went straight down.”  “I didn’t do it, the bike just dropped.”  Well, things usually just don’t “drop”, all by themselves.  What was also suspicious, was the bike fell toward the side of the kickstand.  If it was unstable, it most likely would have fallen away from the kickstand.  I suspect that in trying to touch the helmet, her foot accidentally touched the kickstand and knocked it over.  My mind went into anger mode as I wondered how was I going to right this bike up?

The first words out of my mouth were not cuss words, although it did occur to me, but  instead I said, “I’m glad you are ok.  It’s no big deal, I will find a way to get it upright.”  I reached down, grabbed the handlebars, and pulled up.  To my surprise, the bike came up, not very easily, but it did.  (Woot, woot, the practice of yoga does make you strong!!)  Looks like my break handle curled back with the weight of the scooter, and some dents on the side of the bike were all that got damaged.  It started right up.

After some time, I had remembered a day, my senior year in high school, where I skipped school.  I went out joy riding.  At a stop light, I lightly touched the car in front of me, at a busy intersection.  The woman got out, inspected the car, while I stood anxiously waiting.  Visions of punishment, ridicules from friends came through my mind as I waited for the verdict.  She let me pass, as she couldn’t see any mark on the car.   I can’t tell you how relieved I was!!  Well it was my turn to give back, 30 years later.

At the heart of yoga is forgiveness.  Forgiveness for your wrong doings, and the things that others do to you.  With meditation, you can let that all go.  In the end, it’s just stuff.  (although I am quite fond of riding my scooter, you know!)  People are what matter.  Keeping your peace is what matters.

See you on the mat,


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