What Drives you?

Sometimes, unbeknownst to us, fear is alive and thriving in our lives. In subtle ways, and not so subtle ways it can shape who we are, literally at our tailbone area.  Left unchecked, fear can cause lower back pain, constipation or diarrhea, bladder or menstrual problems, or pain or numbness in the legs.  So, how must we live fully, yet not in fear?  We take action.  Physically, feeling fear does not feel good.  It brings a sinking feeling in your stomach, but what is worse than feeling it, is not doing something about it.  The Good news?  Yoga practice KILLS your fear.

What are some common fears that to some degree we all share?  Not having enough…….(food, money, whatever)  Being made fun of……Fear of death (ourselves, or loved ones)  fear of being lonely,  fear of failure.  The list can go on and on.  I think something in us knows how harmful it is to hold these fears, and gives us circumstances to help us conquer them.  This is why I’m a yoga teacher.  Before teaching yoga, I’ve never been really comfortable standing up and talking to a group.  Being a business owner, has made me step up and conquer a whole host of fears.  But the good news is that the more you do it, and stand up to fear, it has a smaller hold on you.  Eventually, your pelvis realigns itself, the more things we tackle.

Let go and LIVE!  You’ll never know how wonderful life is until you truly can let go.






You have to ask yourself, “what force is driving my life?”

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