We must be the change

I am a hot head.  My constitution according to Ayreveda is that I’m pitta/ kalpha.  Which means I have quite a bit of fire inside of me, but on the other hand, I am just as comfortable sitting on the sofa and lazing about.  Pitta’s like spicy food, hot things, and intense moments.  I admit this is what probably brought me to this yoga practice, is the fact, I just love to sweat, and rest at the end.  It seems to be a perfect compliment to me.  However, when pitta’s are out of balance, we get angry.   We either use the anger to transform ourselves or lash out at others.  Responding to others in anger only plants more bad seeds to see anger  in the future.

Again, in yoga philosophy, the sutra’s (threads of yoga) states that the way we see this world, is because we have done similar things in our lifetimes.  For instance, if someone steals from you, you see it that way, because you have stole yourself.  The whole idea of practicing yoga is to “still” these thoughts.  And yes, they will quiet down and even still.

Let me tell you a story…….Our neighbor calls my husband, and asks us to please keep our dog out of her yard.  When my husband tells me of their conversation, I quickly think, “we will keep our dog our of your yard, if you keep all 4 cats out of our yard”.  This thought is out of anger.  Instead of calling our neighbor and tell her the above, I decide to take the higher road.  I will keep my dog out of their yard.  I will not bring up the cats, she has enough to deal with, as her husband is quite sick, and she is taking care of him.  I will send her loving thoughts in my meditation.

If we want to heal the world of injustices, of hatred among us, we must first begin with ourselves.  It starts with listening to our thoughts, and examining our actions.  The practice of yoga and meditation helps us to rid ourselves of the darkness inside, one thought at a time.  When we accomplish this, down to everyone of us, we will no longer see wars, or terror attacks.

It all starts with you.  The change must come from within you….



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