We are changing

Ahh…..Change.  We are changing whether we like it or not.  Every 7 years our body is a completely different than before.  With my background in yoga, I think this is exciting.  I now have the tools of yoga to reverse the hands of time.  I know full and well how difficult change really is.  As we get older, our view does as well, unless we are keeping our minds and bodies supple.

Yoga promises us that our body will be filled with light with the practice of yoga.  That we can choose our time of death.  The yoga postures were designed in such a way to eventually work out every ailment and disease in our body.  That is why we twist, fold, squeeze, strengthen and release every muscle and organ in our body.

Just like you, Anahata Yoga Center is changing as well, but we need your help!  Can you please help us pick out a logo that best describes US?  The studio, teachers, and the energy at Anahata are changing all the time, and that is good!  Change is good!

Outside each studio will be a box, to place your vote there, or you can let us know at:


Thank you, and see you on the mat!



  1. i vote logo number 2

  2. Thanks Marylin! Seems to be winning by aLOT!

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